Cost Basis Charts Site New Site Features

  1. New Home Page to serve up both original Historical Stock Information and also new Cost Basis well a selected information relating to each company.
   2. Baby Bell Flow chart covering Post AT&T Divestiture.
   3. A cover page for each company.
   4. Seperate page for Baby Bell Companies.
   5. A forum, for stock owners and financial professionals to exchange information. (now Available)
We realized that there is a major  
need for information on the Regional  
Bell Operating Companies(RBOCs)  
which were created January 1, 1984  
when AT&T was broken up into itself  
and 7 new regional companies.These  
are commonly referred to as the  
"Baby Bells"

Free to Use

  There are a few paid applications out there that can aid in you in this
  Also there are some paid services on the internet that will help.
     However, there is no free data put together in an organized way to help

We tried organizing the data on the Baby Bells in the traditional manner, and came to the conclusion that the best way to present this data is in the form of what we call "Cost Basis Ref-Sheets"

Dividends and Quotations and Historical Corporate Actions

Baby Bells

These Baby Bell compaines are particularly difficult to track as they have gone thru multiple changes aquisitions, spin-offs, split offs, and name changes as well as many of them buying back other Baby Bells and recombining. see Baby Bell Page

Historical Stock Information De-listed Stocks and Baby Bells

    This site is devoted to providing historical stock information, mainly for de-listed stocks. Most of these companies no longer exist and information on them is scarce.
Usually there would be a need to get this information if one was to sell stock that was originally purchased in an older  company that is no longer active, however the ownership has been passed on to sucessor companies.
For income tax purposes, it becomes necessary to determine cost (technically called basis) in the stock sold, in order to compute a capital gain or loss in the stock. In addition to historical stock quotations, it also becomes necessary to know corporate changes such as stock splits, aquisitions and spin-offs, etc. in order to properly account for one's cost basis

    Cost Basis Ref-Sheets

We have split the site into two major areas. The original categories that gave information on Sears, ComEd, Mobil, and 1st National Bank of Chicago and then the Baby Bell Page.
Post Divestiture Baby-Bells Map of U.S.
Sample Reference sheet extract
At we provide an interactive spreadsheet to find, calculate, and document the value of clothing, household goods, furniture, appliances and other non-cash items donated to charitable organizations. Donation values were obtained from websites of Salvation Army, Goodwill, and other various charities.
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New From Our Team
Due to the popularity of our recent charts for Airtouch, NCR, Lucent, etc. We have decided to create a new site dedicated to creating visual cost basis charts. Besides some of the companies on this site we have added other companies that you may be interested in. Some of the merger and spin-off corporate actions are very complicated and hard to follow by word, We believe that by putting them in a chart format it will make them more understandable.
  At we have cost basis charts for many companies including, AT&T Corp, AT&T Inc, Air Touch, Altria/Philip Morris, Bristol-Meyers, Exelon,First Chicago, Lucent, NCR, Pfizer, Procter and Gamble, Sears, US West, and Verizon.
This website is not affiliated with, owned by, or otherwise associated with any company referenced herein.
Although we check our data carefully, we are not responsible for its accuracy. Use at your own risk
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