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   AT&T Divestiture creates

Baby Bells

The "Baby Bells" were
created January 1, 1984 when AT&T
"Ma Bell" was broken up into itself
and 7 new regional  operating
companies.These 7 new companies
are commonly referred to as the
"Baby Bells". This action was known
as the AT&T Divestiture.

   Shareholders of AT&T on
December 31, 1983 received 1 share
of each of these companies for every
10 whole shares of the original AT&T
that they owned and 10 shares of the
revised AT&T for every 10 whole
shares of the old AT&T they owned.

    For Example, if you originally had
10 shares of AT&T before
divestiture,you would end up with 10
shares of the downsized AT&T and 1
share in each of  Ameritech,Bell
Atlantic, Bell South, Nynex, Pacific
Telesis, Southwestern Bell, and US

    Furthermore, your cost (or basis)
in each of the new companies was
deemed to be a percentage of what
your individual investment in the
original AT&T was; specifically: 
Cost Basis
We have developed these Cost Basis Ref-Sheets to provide most of the information one would need to calculate their basis in these companies.
    One of the main problems in computing cost is the fact that many of the shareholders reinvested dividends back into the stock. These reinvested dividends increase their cost and over time can add up significantly.
  The Cost Basis Ref-Sheets show every dividend, when it was paid, how much it was for and the estimated price of the stock at the time the dividend was paid. The Ref-Sheets also show all stock splits as well as any Acquisitions and Spinoffs that may affect the cost basis per share.
    In short it's a consise, organized source to get most of what one would need to compute their basis in a stock.
These Baby Bell compaines are particularly difficult to track as they
have gone thru multiple changes aquisitions, spin-offs, split offs, and
name changes as well as many of them buying back other Baby
Bells and recombining. see Baby Bell Flow Chart
        Free to Use
  There are a few paid applications out there that can aid in you in this
   Also there are some paid services on the internet that will help. However, there is no free data put together in an organized way to help.
  We tried organizing the data on the Baby Bells in the traditional manner, and came to the conclusion that the best way to present this data is in the form of what we call "Cost Basis Ref-Sheets"

Baby Bell Merger and Aquisition Flow Chart

AT&T (new)
Bell Atlantic
Bell Sourth
Pacific Telesis
Southwestern Bell
US West

Our Cost Basis Charts site

Due to the popularity of our recent charts for Airtouch, NCR, Lucent, etc. We have decided to create a new site dedicated to creating visual cost basis charts. Besides some of the companies on this site we have added other companies that you may be interested in. Some of the merger and spin-off corporate actions are very complicated and hard to follow by word, we believe that by putting them in a chart format it will make them more understandable.
  At we have cost basis charts for many companies including, AT&T Corp, AT&T Inc, Air Touch, Altria/Philip Morris, Bristol-Meyers, Exelon,First Chicago, Lucent, NCR, Pfizer, Procter and Gamble, Sears, US West, and Verizon.

Baby Bell Companies

Post-Divestiture pie-chart
sample extract of reference spreadsheet
Thumbnail of AT&T divestiture flow chart
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