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Owners of AT&T Corp on 9/17/1996 received .32408 shares of Lucent
Technologies for each share owned. If they owned less than 6 shares of AT&T
they got a cash distribution. Their cost basis in the shares received was 27.99%
of their previous cost basis in AT&T. Their basis in the remaining
AT&T shares was 72.01% of previous basis in AT&T
2 for 1 Stock Split
2 for 1 Stock Split
Spin-Off Avaya per 1 share of Lucent shareholders received .083333 shares of
Avaya. Basis allocation 94.5240% Lucent and 5.4760% Avaya.
Shareholders of record on 05/03/2002 received .01077964 shares of Agere
Systems Inc. Class A and .264563010 shares of Agere Systems Inc Class B for
each share of Lucent Common owned. Basis allocation .7136% for Agere Class
A, 17.54196% for Agere Class B, and 81.7445% for Lucent
Lucent Technologies Inc. Merged into Alcatel (NYSE symbol ALA). Lucent
shareholders received .1952 shares of Alcatel for each share of Lucent common.
Total Cost Basis dollars remain the same, however basis per share should be
recalculated using the new number of shares.

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Lucent Technologies Inc.

Lucent-Alcatel Avaya Agere Systems

    Many people have Lucent-Alcatel, Avaya or Agere Stystems Stock which they previously obtained because they were shareholders of Lucent and or AT&T Corp. and need to find their cost basis and find historical stock price or to calculate their cost or basis in it.  There is very little data available on the internet concerning this.  These charts were put together to help them. We researched the prices carefully, however, use these at your own risk.

Lucent Technologies Selected Important Corporate Changes

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General Info

- This currently open page. Includes a summary of important corporate changes, especially affecting cost basis.



- Month by Month Lucent Technologies Stock Prices September 1996 thru November 2006.  Prices are at end of month for year referenced and are not adjusted for splits.


Cost Basis Ref-Sheet

- Date and amount of Dividends paid and the price of Lucent Technologies stock when the dividend was paid as well as stock split and spin-offs. All organized in a handy sheet.
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