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Dividend and stock split history on successor
company (CenturyLink) website.(these figures are
split adjusted.)
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US West

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Owners of AT&T on 12/31/1983 received 1/10 share of US West for every share of AT&T held.
Their cost basis in those shares was deemed to be 8.9417% of their previous basis in AT&T.
2 for 1 Stock Split
2 for 1 Stock Split
Split-Off US West Media Group,Shareholders of US West received 1 share of US West Comm
Group and 1 share of US West Media Group for each share of US West they had. Basis
allocation 59.8191% for US West and 40.1809% for US West Media Group.
US West divides into US West Inc.(new),  1 share of US West Inc.(new) for each share of US
West comm Group held. Also distribution of .02371 shares of US West Inc (new) to shareholders
of US West Media Group.
Distribution due to Dex transfer. Shareholders of MediaOne received .02732 shares of US West
Inc (New) for each share of MediaOne Group Inc. Basis allocation: MediaOne Group 96.2600%,
US Wet Inc. (new) 3.7400%
Merge into Qwest. Shareholders of US West Inc (new) received 1.72932 shares of Qwest fro
each share of US West Inc. (new).
Merged into CenturyLink. Shareholders of Qwest received 0.1644 shares of CenturyLink for each
1 share of Qwest.

General Info

- This currently open page. Includes a summary of important corporate changes, especially affecting cost basis.



- Month by Month US West/Qwest Prices from 1984 thru August 1997.  Prices are at end of month for year referenced and are not adjusted for splits.


Cost Basis Ref-Sheet

- Date and amount of Dividends paid and the price of US West stock when the dividend was paid as well as stock split and spin-offs. All organized in a handy sheet.

US West - Qwest - CenturyLink

Many people have QWest Stock which they previously obtained because they were shareholders of US West and need to find their cost basis and find historical stock price or to calculate their cost or basis in it.  There is very little data available on the internet concerning this.  These charts were put together to help them. We researched the prices carefully, however, use these at your own risk.

US West Corp Selected Important Corporate Changes *

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