Lucent dividends history and corporate actions

Make money with dividendsOn this dividend reference sheet for Lucent dividends we show corporate actions, and list dividends paid by date.  This chart also shows the corresponding price per share on the date of the dividend. You should find this information essential since you most likely reinvested dividends. We assume that Lucent or your broker reinvested the dividends on the dividend payment day if a market day or the next market day if not. The reference sheet generally uses the closing price on the market day preceding the dividend payment day. We built the Ref-Sheet as a handy sheet to assist you when you are trying to find the effect of dividends on your cost basis calculations.

Lucent Dividend History and Corporate Actions

Date PaidDivPrice p/s when paid Date PaidDivPrice p/s when paid
9/30/1996 Owners of AT&T on 9/17/1996 received .32408 shares of Lucent for each share owned. If they owned less than 6 shares of AT&T they got a cash distribution. Their cost basis in shares received was 27.99% of their previous cost basis in AT&T. Their basis in the remaining AT&T shares was 72.01% of previous.9-20-2000 Spin-Off Avaya per 1 share of Lucent shareholders received .083333 shares of Avaya. Basis allocation 94.5240% Lucent and 5.4760% Avaya.
09/02/970.07580.13No Dividends from this point forward
12/01/970.07586.636-1-2002 Shareholders of record on 5-3-2002 received .010779464 sh Agere Systems Inc Class A and .264563010 shares of Agere Systems Inc Class B for each share of Lucent Common owned. Basis Allocation .7136% for Agere CL A, 17.54196% for Agere CL B, and 81.7445 remaining Lucent .
04/01/982 for 1 Stock Split
03/01/990.040102.8811-30-2006 - Lucent Technologies Inc merged into Alcatel( NYSE symbol ALA).Lucent shareholders received .1952 share of Alcatel for each share of Lucent Common. Total Cost Basis dollars remains the same , however cost basis per share should be recalulated using the new amount of shares.
04/01/992 for 1 Stock Split