Sears Stock History

sears-tower-august-2007Many people have old Sears Roebuck stock. Consequently, they need to find their cost basis and find historical stock price or to calculate their cost or basis in it to calculate their Capital Loss or Gain for income tax purposes.  Additionally, you can find very little data available on the internet concerning Sears Stock History.  We put together theses charts to help you. We researched the prices carefully. Use these at your own risk.


General Info

On this current page we show a summary of important corporate changes such as mergers, stock-splits and  share exchange factors.  You can get a good summary overview of information affecting your cost basis in this stock by reviewing this chart.  Additionally, we provide some older (pre-1970 historical quotes to give some perspective.


We present Month by Month Sears Stock Prices from 1970 through reorganization in 2005. Prices are at end of month or year referenced and not adjusted for splits. We derived stock prices from archived issues of the NY Times, Standard and Poor’s Stock Price Record for the NYSE, Yahoo Finance historical quotes, and various Shareholder Services pages available on the internet from surviving companies. In addition, we provide additional external sources at the bottom of this page as Helpful Links.

Cost Basis Ref-Sheet

The ref-sheet shows you the Date and amount of Dividends paid and the price of Sears stock when the dividend was paid.  Also, the ref-sheet shows you information on mergers, stock-splits and spin-offs.  We built the Ref-Sheet as a handy sheet to assist you when you are trying to find the effect of dividends on your cost basis calculations.

Sears Corporate Changes

10/1/1945Stock Split 4 for 1
11/23/1955Stock Split 3 for 1
2/11/1965Stock Split 2 for 1
5/2/1977Stock Split 2 for 1
12/31/1981Merger with Coldwell Banker. Shareholders of Coldwell, Banker & Co. received 2.463 shares of Sears Roebuck & Co for each share of Coldwell, Banker & Co.
12/31/1981Merger with Dean Witter Reynolds Organization Inc. Shareholders of Dean Witter received 3.11 shares of Sears, Roebuck and Co for each share of Dean Witter.
6/30/1993Spin-Off DWR. Basis Allocation 73.5570% Sears, 26.4430 DWR.
6/30/1995Spin-Off Allstate. Basis Allocation 53.8107% Sears, 46.1893% Allstate.
3/25/2005Sears/Kmart merger - 0.5sh Sears Holdings for 1 sh Sears. Sears shareholders had the option of taking .5 shares of Sears Holding Corp, or $50 cash, or a combination of stock and cash. If they took a combination, there was a stock election proration factor of 62.95% that limited the distribution ratio of stock vs cash.
6/30/2007Discover Fin'l Svcs Spin-Off from DeanWitter. Basis Allocation 83.51% Morgan Stanley, 16.49% Discover Fin'l Svcs
12/30/2011Sears Holdings Spins-off Orchard Hardware Stores Corporation.Owners of Every 22.14177 shares of Sears Holdings common stock at 12/16/2011 received 1 share of OSH class A Common Stock AND 1 Share of OSH Series A Preferred Stock. Cash was paid in lieu of fractional shares. For basis allocations see Sears-Orchard Supply Form 8937 this is also simplified on our cost-basis-chart site on the Sears Chart.
Orchard Supply form 8937

For a visual chart of these, visit Sears Chart

Sears Roebuck Older Year-end Stock Quotes

196975 1/2195950194944 1/8193985 1/8
196862 3/4195839 3/4194839 1/8193873 1/4
196757 1/8195725 1/4194737 3/4193754 1/2
196647 5/8195628 1/2194638 7/8193684 7/8
196564 7/8195536 5/8194536 1/4193565 3/4
1964130 7/8195476 1/21944105193439 5/8
196393195361 1/4194389193342 3/4
196277 1/4195260 1/2194261 7/8193219 1/8
196188 3/8195156194151 3/4193133
196156 3/4195044 1/8194078 1/8193044 1/8

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