US West Stock History

us-west-qwest-denverMany people have QWest Stock which they previously obtained because they were shareholders of US West.  Consequently, they need to find their cost basis and find historical stock price to calculate their cost or basis in it and to calculate their Capital Loss or Gain for income tax purposes. Additionally, you can find very little data available on the internet concerning US West stock history. We put together theses charts to help them. We researched the prices carefully. Use these at your own risk. 

General Info

On this current page we show a summary of important corporate changes such as mergers, stock-splits, and share exchange factors.  You can get a good summary overview of information affecting your cost basis in this stock by reviewing this chart.



We present month by month US West/Qwest Prices from 1984 thru August 1997.  In addition we provide Prices at month-end for each year referenced. We derived Stock Prices from archived issues of the NY Times, Standard and Poor’s Stock Price Record, Yahoo Finance historical quotes, and from various Shareholder Services pages available on the internet from surviving companies. In addition we provide additional external sources at the bottom of this page as Helpful Links. Prices are at end of month for year referenced and are not adjusted for splits.

Cost Basis Ref-Sheet

The ref-sheet shows you the Date and amount of Dividends paid and the price of US West stock and when the dividend was paid. The ref-sheet also shows you information on mergers, stock split and spin-offs.  We built the Ref-Sheet as a handy sheet to assist you when you are trying to find the effect of dividends on your cost basis calculations.

US West Corp Selected Important Corporate Changes

01/01/1984Owners of AT&T on 12/31/1983 received 1/10 share of US West for every share of AT&T held. Their cost basis in those shares was deemed to be 8.9417% of their previous basis in AT&T.
05/28/19862 for 1 Stock Split
05/02/19902 for 1 Stock Split
11/01/1995Split-Off US West Media Group,Shareholders of US West received 1 share of US West Comm Group and 1 share of US West Media Group for each share of US West they had. Basis allocation 59.8191% for US West and 40.1809% for US West Media Group.
06/12/1998US West divides into US West Inc.(new), 1 share of US West Inc.(new) for each share of US West comm Group held. Also distribution of .02371 shares of US West Inc (new) to shareholders of US West Media Group.
06/16/1998Distribution due to Dex transfer. Shareholders of MediaOne received .02732 shares of US West Inc (New) for each share of MediaOne Group Inc. Basis allocation: MediaOne Group 96.2600%, US West Inc. (new) 3.7400%
06/30/2000Merge into Qwest. Shareholders of US West Inc (new) received 1.72932 shares of Qwest for each share of US West Inc. (new)
04/01/2011Merged into CenturyLink. Shareholders of Qwest received 0.1644 shares of CenturyLink for each 1 share of Qwest.

* For a visual chart of US West/Qwest/CenturyLink, visit US West Chart

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